Talent Supply Gap In The Future Of Work

On one side, fresh students & youth talents are looking out for opportunities…

On the other side, corporate leaders & Talent Acquisition professionals are hunting for talented individuals…

So, it is very evident that there exists a Gap in Talent Supply.

Why do Talent Supply Gaps occur? 

·       Digitization is reinventing businesses.

·       This often happens because technology advances so quickly that it becomes hard for employees to keep up.

·       Organizational planning is no longer an annual event – It is a constant readjustment to changing priorities.

·       Technology and strategies are changing work faster than the workforce can adapt.

Technology advancements, the rise of cloud, socio-economic and demographic changes are shifting expectations and placing new demands on society.

Skills like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, productivity and more are already in demand in organizations around the world, yet jobs remain unfilled, the talent gap persists and is set to widen. 

Who is considered as “Talent Supply”???

Its the Candidates (Job Seekers) / Fresh College Students / Youth Talents, who are considered as Talent Supply for the “Future of Work”

Now that YOU are aware of the existence of Talent Supply Gap and who are considered as Talent supplies..

Now, Who Is Responsible to bridge this Talent Supply Gap?

In order to grab the available opportunities at organizations, whose responsibility is this to bridge the gap?

Indeed, Its the responsibility of the fresh students / youth talents to:

prepare themselves for the Future of Work,

bridge the gap for their desired role (after attaining their unique Career Niche Clarity)

and position themselves as a Future Ready workforce…

To sum it up – It’s the responsibility of youth talents, fresh graduates, and job seekers – who need to be equipped and cross-trained to meet the ever-growing skill requirements of organizations.

How to bridge this Talent Supply Gap?

Students need a Readiness Program to:

1. Explore their self and understand themselves better.

2. Align themselves with the available options for The Future of Work

3. Take up Specialization courses on top of their basic curriculums

4. Build their Talent Influence

6 Simple Steps To Attain “Job Readiness”

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Organizations are looking at building a Future Ready Workforce – Are You READY?

In short:

  1. Fresh Graduates and Youth Talents like YOU need to be prepared with the trending skills to become a Future ready workforce / Tomorrow’s workforce.
  2. You need to pick-up some specializations on top of your basic curriculums which will help you thrive in the “Future of Work”
  3. You need a guided Readiness Programs to unlock Career pathways in fast growing fields.

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