Career Niche Clarity

Career Niche Clarity

Every individual spends approx. 92,120 hours of their entire lifetime on their Career / Jobs / Business.

The reality is infact much more.  And this is a considerable amount of time.

So given the importance of this in an individual’s life – it is ultimately important to choose the right career for yourself, which you will enjoy doing.

In other words, Don’t settle for the job / role that comes your way.

In a recent survey done by the World Economic Forum:

78% of individuals have taken up a job / role which they got after they graduated.

75% of them stuck on / continue with the same job / role and a few progress up the ladder – while the remaining get stagnated.

So, its even more important to Future proof your Career with the trending skills to thrive in the Future of Work.

Amount of Time Spent @ Work
Amount of Time Spent @ Work

What is really meant by Career Niche Clarity:

When an individual aligns his / her career with their:

  1. Unique Personal Strengths – what they are naturally good at and enjoy doing
  2. Their Personal Interests – An inner belonging aligned with their personal strengths
  3. Individual Aspirations – where & how do they want to see themselves later in their career stages
  4. Educational Background – Being realistic – You can’t do a a nursing course and aspire to fly an Aeroplane.

And most importantly

  1. Industry’s Talent demand – Understanding where the industry is heading to, what kind of skills are replaced, How tasks are being differed, Modernized Job Functions, etc.

When an individual has these answers…

That’s when they truly attain their unique Career Niche Clarity.

  • The Job Readiness Hub, is predominantly a new Readiness program for Tomorrow’s Workforce.
  • The complete system to help people have a better career clarity aligned with their aspirations, personal interests, educational background and most importantly Talent demand
  • Gain Insights to the Evolution of Industries, Modernized Job Functions and the Future of Work
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2 Simple Steps to Attain Career Niche Clarity

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