After hearing about the initiative I was pretty confident that above listed problem of mine gets solved.

Chevendra Lakshmi Venkata Sai Deepak

This is a very good initiative as unemployment is increasing very fast in our country.

Aman Pathak

The session was amazing and I was very much interested in hearing more from Shyam Sir in his course

Pratik Sunil Singh

My dream job is landing in a pre-sales(rfp/bid management) role the skills required for this role most of the colleges doesn't provide this is the major challenge

Thumma Sushanth

Understanding what the dream company is expecting from me. I have time to learn, but what should I learn ?

Siddartha Addanki

To introspect myself and to know my worth and the areas to be improved

Siva Shankar

Approaching dream company and selling myself. Limited opportunities.

Omkar Gharat

Companies do not want to hire for a specific role until they have some previous experience on the field. I feel this is the biggest challenge for a student/work-ex-ed to switch to some other

Amaan Alam